What we do

We prevent exploits at the device level



Keeping your sensitive information and intellectual property safe from reverse engineering.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Preventing unauthorized virtual or remote access and control of systems.


Idaho Scientific solutions establish a secure and trusted environment at the lowest level of computer hardware to enable a safe and solid foundation for complex and connected systems.

Encryption/decryption and authentication is the foundation of any embedded security and trusted computing implementation. The ciphers used to perform those critical security functions are vulnerable to compromise through side channel attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Idaho Scientific offers the full complement of Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA)/Suite B ciphers (AES 128/256 all modes, SHA2 and SHA3, RSA, ECDSA/ECDH, TRNG) available with and without side channel protections. The ciphers are packaged as IP cores using industry-standard tools, ready for easy integration into your design. Cores can be purchased separately or bundled in any configuration. Immunity Cores have the following features:

  • Side Channel Attack (SCA), Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures with no leakage beyond 1 billion operations
  • Packaged as FPGA IP cores and delivered as IP-XACT (VHDL)
  • Cores are available packaged with key management in an embedded Hardware Security Module
  • Industry-standard tools and interfaces provided to simplify integration
  • NIST CAVP certified

A great deal of time and attention has been given to protecting non-volatile memory and yet almost no attention has been paid to protecting information transiting to and from volatile memory at run-time. Attacks such as Rowhammer, man-in-the-middle and various cold boot attacks underscore this vulnerability. Immunity IME provides the security necessary to protect instructions and data between an SoC and external DDR memory, with minimal impact to system performance. Immunity IME features include:

  • Confidentiality and integrity for all instructions and data at run-time
  • Protect external DDR memory
  • Agnostic of DDR configuration, sits in fabric (PL) and implemented in traditional RTL flow
  • Packaged as FPGA IP cores and delivered as IP-XACT (VHDL)
  • Industry-standard tools and interfaces provided to simplify integration
  • Customizable to your application - tune resource utilization and performance

The MIL-STD-1553 bus architecture was defined in the 1970s. It has been immensely successful in it’s primary aim of high reliability communications for aircraft and other vehicles. However, that high reliability architecture exposes cyber vulnerabilities that were never conceived when the 1553 standard was created. Recent publications have highlighted the threat and underscored the need to rapidly integrate 1553 cyber protections. BusCop was designed as the most rapid and efficient way to provide effective 1553 cyber protection for DOD systems.

  • Protect the 1553 bus from a compromised device or protect a device from a compromised 1553 bus
  • Zero SWAP impact to platform: form factor can be software-only with existing hardware (Packaged as FPGA IP core) or hardware replacement to existing network interface card

The Secure Assured File Transfer (SAFe-T) Drive decreases the time required for assured file transfer by 300% and improves the security and reliability of large file transfers between air gapped networks. The NVMe SAFe-T Drive is protected with NIST and NSA-certified security to provide truly secure Data at Rest.

  • NVMe Solid State Drive to provide high speed inline encryption and encrypted data at rest
  • Faster and more secure file transfer of larger files between air gapped networks
  • Embedded virus scanning and trusted sanitization


Our internal and government-sponsored research solves the hardest root cause problems in anti-tamper and cybersecurity at the microelectronics level. Idaho Scientific renders computing architectures immune to attack so that integrators have trusted and secure hardware by design.

  • Security reference design for Intel x86 architectures
    • Secure BIOS
    • Side Channel Resistant Crypto Cores
    • Embedded Hardware Security Module
    • Tamper sense, response, logging
  • Desktop tool chain for lifecycle management
  • Secure processor architecture to eliminate memory corruption-class exploits (46% of cyber attacks)
  • Packaged as FPGA IP cores and delivered as IP-XACT (VHDL)
  • Positive control of instructions and data
  • Confidentiality through NIST-certified encryption
  • Cryptographic separation of processes supports embedded multi-level security


Idaho Scientific offers custom security engineering services to meet any or all security requirements for federal programs. Our unique applied knowledge of offensive physical and virtual attacks allows us to provide solutions tailored to meet the operational objective.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Attack/Countermeasure Tree Development/Review
  • Security Architecture Development/Review
  • Program Protection Plans
  • Anti-Tamper Plans
  • Policy Review
  • Training and Education

Who we are

We provide proactive solutions that embed security to resolve the root of vulnerabilities. The US can no longer afford to be reactive with national security.

Idaho Scientific is a specialized embedded security firm with a proven track record of solving the hardest anti-tamper and cyber security problems with novel and scalable solutions. We have completed projects for national labs, federal research centers, the Pentagon and all of the top five defense contractors. We also collaborate with leading universities in the cybersecurity field. The company licenses its technology to ensure military platforms are built upon a trusted and secure foundation.


Ensuring that United States weapons systems and critical infrastructure are immune to hardware and software exploitation.


Securing devices by addressing root cause architectural flaws in embedded systems.


Idaho Scientific innovates by hiring and empowering the top minds in electrical and computer engineering from across the country. We are experts in low-level computer hardware and software design with particular expertise in the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), custom firmware, hypervisors, operating systems, and compiler development. We have decades of experience understanding use cases and operational scenarios. All employees are cleared US citizens.


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