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Cyber Secure Processor

Helios is an innovative secure processor, unencumbered by legacy architectures, to finally design in positive control and design out memory corruption vulnerabilities.

Helios prevents code injection attacks, COP/JOP, planting foreign code in or tampering with boot, memory corruption attacks on non-owned memory, cold boot or data remanence attacks, and reading or altering memory via I/O, DMA or Rowhammer-style attacks.

Helios builds upon the more inherently secure Harvard architecture and adds the ability to facilitate just-in-time decryption and authentication of instructions and data within the security boundary of the processor. In this design, the instruction and data interfaces are securely isolated by a hardware-based crypto engine.

This approach alone prevents 46% of known cyber attacks.

Helios is licensed as IP for FPGA and ASIC designs. Helios delivers:

  • Positive Control: The processor will only execute genuine instructions

  • Confidentiality: Bad actors cannot extract unencrypted information

  • Compatible Integration: Does not require the re-architecture of software

  • Cyber Survivability: Prevent and detect memory corruption exploits

  • Embedded Cross Domain Solutions/Multi-Level Security: Cryptographic separation of processes

  • Physical Attack Protection: Includes state of the art anti-tamper protections

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