Integrated Security Systems Products

Security Architecture
(Agent and Broker)

Keystone is a security architecture, comprised of a Broker, which is the central point of truth for security for tactical and strategic platforms,  and subscribing Agents, which secure the primary computing function in subsystems.

The Keystone Broker can be a standalone box on the platform or can be software added to a central controller/processing system (e.g., mission computer). Keystone Agents are security-enhanced COTS single board computers (SBCs) and other processing elements, primarily responsible for mitigating known vulnerabilities in commercial processors, particularly x86 processors. Any number of Keystone Agents can subscribe to a Keystone Broker to comprise a flexible, federated security architecture.

Keystone Agents can also act independent of the Broker to secure sensitive subsystems or operate in a peer-peer relationship with other Agents.

Keystone includes the following functionality:

  • Secure BIOS/UEFI

  • x86 Single Board Computer security

  • NVMe disk security

  • Cyber Zero and N-day detection

  • Trusted Maintenance and Update

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