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Immunity Side Channel Resistant Crypto Cores

Encryption/decryption and authentication is the foundation of any embedded security and trusted computing implementation. The ciphers used to perform those critical security functions are vulnerable to compromise through side channel attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent.

Idaho Scientific offers the full complement of Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA)/Suite B ciphers (AES-256 all modes, SHA2 and SHA3, RSA, ECDSA/ECDH, TRNG) available with and without side channel protections.

The ciphers are packaged as IP cores using industry-standard tools, ready for easy integration into your design. Cores can be purchased separately or bundled in any configuration.

Immunity Cores have the following features:

  • Side Channel Attack (SCA), Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures with no leakage beyond 1 billion operations

  • Packaged as FPGA IP cores and delivered as IP-XACT (VHDL)

  • Cores are available packaged with key management in an embedded Hardware Security Module

  • Industry-standard tools and interfaces provided to simplify integration

  • NIST CAVP certified

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