Security That Performs

Idaho Scientific specializes in high performance solutions to Anti-Tamper and Cyber Security problems.


Keeping your intellectual property safe.

Cyber Security

Securing your applications from cyber attacks.

High Performance Computing

Making things go fast... Really fast.


Imagine a computer architecture that is immune to virtual and physical cyber attacks. Idaho Scientific envisions a world where architectures and operating systems provide the security solution not the problem. Through internal and government sponsored research we will define the next generation of secure architectures.


Idaho Scientific provides security, cryptographic, and anti-tamper intellectual property (IP) to many of the world's largest defense contractors. Our solutions are embedded into the lowest levels of computer hardware and software to establish roots of trust that extend through secure boot to provide safe and secure run time environments.


When it comes to building truly secure solutions, one size does not fit all. Idaho Scientific offers security engineering services to identify vulnerabilities, develop solutions that scale, and meet government concurrence. Our engineers have a history of fulfilling the requirements of the defense community. Our unique applied knowledge of offensive physical and virtual attacks allows us to provide solutions tailored to meet the threat.