What we do

We prevent exploits at the device level



Keeping your sensitive information and intellectual property safe from reverse engineering.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Preventing unauthorized control.


Our internal and government-sponsored research solves the hardest root cause problems in anti-tamper and cybersecurity at the microelectronics level. Idaho Scientific renders computing architectures immune to attack so that integrators have trusted and secure hardware by design.


Idaho Scientific solutions establish a secure and trusted environment at the lowest level of computer hardware to enable a safe and solid foundation for complex and connected systems


Idaho Scientific offers custom security engineering services to meet any or all security requirements for federal programs. Our unique applied knowledge of offensive physical and virtual attacks allows us to provide solutions tailored to meet the operational objective.

Who we are

Ahead of the security curve and off the beaten path in downtown Boise, Idaho

Named as a 2019 Top 10 Security Company by Enterprise Security Magazine, Idaho Scientific is a specialized embedded security firm with a proven track record of solving the hardest anti-tamper and cyber security problems with novel and scalable solutions.

We have completed projects for National Labs, federal research centers, the Pentagon and all of the top five defense contractors. We also collaborate with leading universities in the cybersecurity field. The company licenses its technology to serve other critical infrastructure sectors, specifically energy, transportation, healthcare, communications, manufacturing.


United States weapons systems and critical infrastructure immune to hardware and software exploitation.


Securing devices by addressing root cause architectural flaws in embedded systems.


Idaho Scientific innovates by hiring and empowering the top minds in electrical and computer engineering from across the country. We are experts in low-level computer hardware and software design with particular experience in the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), custom firmware, hypervisors, operating systems, and compiler development. We have decades of experience understanding use cases and operational scenarios. All employees are cleared US citizens.


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