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Inline Memory Encryption

A great deal of time and attention has been given to protecting non-volatile memory and yet almost no attention has been paid to protecting information transiting to and from volatile memory at run-time. Attacks such as Rowhammer, man-in-the-middle and various cold boot attacks underscore this vulnerability.

Immunity-IME provides the security necessary to protect instructions and data between an SoC and external DDR memory, with minimal impact to system performance.

Immunity IME features include:

  • Confidentiality and integrity for all instructions and data at run-time

  • Protect external DDR memory

  • Agnostic of DDR configuration, sits in fabric (PL) and implemented in traditional RTL flow

  • Packaged as FPGA IP cores and delivered as IP-XACT (VHDL)

  • Industry-standard tools and interfaces provided to simplify integration

  • Customizable to your application - tune resource utilization and performance

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