Who We Are

Idaho Scientific is a specialized embedded security firm with a proven track record of solving the hardest cybersecurity, supply chain integrity and anti-tamper problems with novel and scalable solutions. We have completed projects for national labs, federal research centers, the Pentagon and dozens of companies. The company licenses its technology to ensure systems are built upon a trusted and secure foundation.


Ensuring that United States weapons systems and critical infrastructure are resistant to hardware and software exploitation.


Securing devices by addressing root cause architectural flaws in embedded systems.


Idaho Scientific innovates by hiring and empowering the top minds in electrical and computer engineering from across the country.


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Company Leadership

Idaho Scientific
Dale Reese
Founder and President
Idaho Scientific
Dan Herway
Executive Vice President
Idaho Scientific
Paul Jaynes
Vice President of Operations
Idaho Scientific
Andrew Nelson
Director of Integrated Security Solutions
Idaho Scientific
Hannah Brackett
Director of Operations
Idaho Scientific