Idaho Scientific protects from hackers and reverse engineers. The systems that make your day-to-day life convenient and safe—the electric grid, banking and financial systems, the internet and cell phone networks, manufacturing plants, and planes, trains and automobiles—all rely on electronics that are vulnerable to attack. Our men and women in the military rely on similar control systems to protect our nation’s interests. When those systems fail, our lives and our national security are massively impacted. Our job is to see into the future and protect against anybody who would try to intentionally fail those systems.

Competitive Paycheck

Competitive Paycheck

Industry-competitive paycheck

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Work Schedule

No micromanagement, only the tools and the support you need to succeed

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Choose from 7 available health plans, vision/dental insurance


Prepare for the Future

8% automatic contribution to retirement fund, disability insurance

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Work together, win together


Life isn’t One Dimensional

4 weeks paid off, 11 paid holidays

We’ve seen the future.
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